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Recently I installed jbake with gvm and was wondering why it wasn’t accessible within my shell after resourcing my .bashrc.

The problem

There is this line in my .bash_profile

[[ -s "/home/frank/.gvm/bin/" && -z $(which | grep '/') ]] && source "/home/frank/.gvm/bin/"

which initializes the gvm environment and updates your PATH variable to get access to the current or configured versions of tools managed through gvm.

The workaround

The Skript sets an environment variable called GVM_INIT which skips updating the PATH variable if set to true.

To update your PATH variable execute the following commands

export GVM_INIT=false
source ~/.bashrc

But I’m still wondering. If I close my shell and open a new terminal window, the phenomenon is the same. jbake is still not accessible.

Yet I don’t get it. Maybe I’m still to tired. I’ll do some further investigation.

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